"Bright Ideas & Common Sense Solutions"

At OPM Online we believe in keeping it simple by using our experience and expertise to take the stress and complexities out of going on-line without compromising your goals and objectives.

Basically, it all comes down to engaging common sense solutions that work, good planning and a strong focus towards getting the best possible results on-line.

Based in south western Sydney, we pride ourselves in offering our clients the best possible customer service at all times on a one-on-one basis. We talk to you in “plain English”, and keep you updated in real time as to the progress of any project or tasks we are carrying out on your behalf.

OPM Online was originally established in 1997 primarily as a hosting reseller, and website design service. From humble beginnings we have expanded and diversified our interests and expertise into many different sectors and industries including IT on-line solutions for real estate sales and marketing, the motor vehicle industry, import and export sector, logistics, general retail, self promotion, community based organisations, and much more.

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